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Our primary open-source project, the Arkane.Base class library contains utility classes for use in our various projects.  These include generally applicable PostSharp aspects, assorted extensions to the .NET BCL, and other useful tools.

Contributions of new code are, of course, always welcome.

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We're available to do consulting on software development projects in .NET (we're familiar with ASP.NET, WPF, Entity Framework, AOP using PostSharp, Reactive Extensions, Code Contracts, and many other technologies) or systems administration projects using Microsoft technologies.

Our specialty is our lack of specialization; while we'll undertake any project, our talents lie in multifocal, cross-technology synthesis, particularly in the SME and small-business space.

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In another universe, in a galaxy strangely similar to our own, there's a bubble of space a couple of thousand light-years across - somewhat distorted by bumping into the edges of the galactic disk to acme and nadir - filled with millions of stars, bound together by an ever-expanding spiderweb of manufactured wormholes, and bright with the EM babble of civilized life.

These are the Associated Worlds, sprawling myriad species, polities, philosophies, corporations, clades, and cultures. From the hypercivilized Powers at their heart to the brawling colonies of the Periphery and Beyond, trillions of lives are lived, each with its own story to be told.

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